Monday, July 14, 2008

Tony Moran (Part Two)

Alot of this post will be taken from the soundtrack to the movie "Circuit" as Tony Moran produced and scored the whole movie. If you love Tony, I highly reccommend this CD as it is one great song after the other. Even all the ones that aren't dance music are great as well!

The movie was a little cheesy but it's kinda wild to hear Tony's music in a full length feature film, so if only for kicks, check the movie out as well!

Also, something very interesting, the song "Live You All Over" by Deborah Cooper was used in a part of this movie from 2002, even though the song didn't actually see release until 2004 from Tony's "Tour De Beats" CD. If you catch it in the movie, it sounds very different than the version that got released 2 years later.

ATO (Apocalyptic Tribal Orchestra) - Menage (Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**ATO is a moniker for Tony Moran & Warren Rigg here as they produce a progressive tribal track that just screams White Party (which is what most of the movie "Circuit" is about) and even though this song has no words, I just had to include it here!**

Danielle Bollinger - Surrender Me (JM's Tony Moran 'The Event' Radio Edit)
**When Tony released his epic CD "The Event", this was immediately one of my favorites. I've liked alot of Danielle's songs and to have her working with Tony was awesome! I was so excited to have this released as a single from the CD just to hear what mixes would come with Tony's amazing original. Imagine my surprise to see the single relased...but without Danielle...**

Debby Holliday - Surrender Me (JM's Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Hail The Divas Radio Edit)
**So finally, I get word that a release for this song was to come and when I look into it, it's with Perfect Beat's diva favorite Debby Holliday...?? Hmph! Well, this was a tough one for me. I love both Danielle & Debby and they both do an incredible justice to this song so I just can't choose. Danielle's vocals are straight up pop while Debby adds a little bit more soul to them (with alot more great adlibbing) and as far as the mix goes, the original was definitely anthemic, but Debby's mix feels alot more if Danielle's was just a demo. Does anyone know the real story here? What happened??"

Elle Patrice - Emotions (JM's Tony Moran Mixshow Edit)
**Elle Patrice is the nom de plume for singer/actress Elizabeth Withers who's work with Tony is some of his best. Both of her songs here ended up on the "Circuit" soundtrack and this one...well...just listen to it. I don't even know what to say. This is one of those rare mixes that wasn't tough to cut down as I just couldn't. There was way too much that just MAKES this song that it had to be included. So what I did was take Tony's edit from the soundtrack CD and throw in the big buildup in the middle. This mix takes no prisoners as it tears through your speakers. This one HAS to be played at high volumes!!**

Elle Patrice - Rising (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This was actually the first song for Elle/Elizabeth and it reached #5 on the Billboard charts. In 2005 music producer Nick Ashford, who suggested that she audition for the Oprah Winfrey-produced stage adaptation of The Color Purple. Her run on Broadway attracted record labels and now she's set to release her first R&B CD on Blue Note records called "It Could Happen To Anyone".**

Kevin Aviance - Ready Set Go (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I actually got the chance to hear this full mix out once at the Pier Dance in NYC when DJ Brett Henrichsen played and it was great! This song has a crazy amount of energy and even though it's one of Kevin's lesser known songs, it's one of my favorites. He, as always, turns it out and the result is, as he would say, 'cunty'.**

Lighthouse Family feat Tony Moran, Nicki Richards & Z - High (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**The Lighthouse Family were a British musical duo from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. This song originally from 1997, reached #4 on the UK charts and #1 in Australia. Even though the band is inactive these days, they haven't split up, according to their management. For the "Circuit" CD, you get vocalists galore on this update. The Lighthouse Family, plus vocals from Tony Moran, Nicki Richards & Z (whoever Z is??) make this song even more fun to listen to than the original one.**

Mary J Blige - Be Without You 2007 (JM's Tony Moran Radio Mix)
**We all know this song and we all loved the Moto Blanco mix. I know I couldn't get enough of it and still can't! But then, not too long after the original, Tony gave us this. I like this mix alot, but I don't love it. I do still favor the MB mix and even though Tony definitely worked alot out of this song, it just doesn't take you all the way there like his mixes usually do. It's like getting off at the second to last train stop and then walking lol. This one might be one of those mixes that sounds incredible in the clubs though...*

Mika - Relax (Take It Easy) (JM's Tony Moran & Jody den Broeder Radio Edit)
**Another one of my favorite male vocals. Tony & Jody are always the perfect combination and they spare no expense here. Hex Hector did a very nice mix of this but this one is the one to beat. I've posted this one before, so this is a re-up.**

Mike Cruz feat Inaya Day & China Ro - Movin Up 2005 (JM's Tony Moran Radio Edit)
**Another update from Miss Moran finds her taking on the club stomper "Movin Up". DIVA DIVA DIVA! I loooooved the original and I had ALOT of fun workin on this one. I was able to splice up some stuff and start and finish with just the accapellas. I hope you all enjoy this one cause I enjoyed making it!**

Origene - Sanctuary (JM's Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Radio Edit)
**When I first heard this song in 2003, I wasn't sure what to make of it. The vocals by lead singer Matilda White were haunting and the lyrics were abstract. And then I heard it out one night and it changed everything. The song in it's original state is minimal, but very effective, I was extremely surprised to hear that Tony was going to take it on. He completely revamped the song into an anthem of epic proportions!**

Ron Perkov - Love Divine (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**While this isn't Ron's first single, as it's actually his 4th I believe, this was the first song I had ever heard by him. Ron has a very smooth delivery and while this one is definitely an anthem, his voice soars through in a way that not alot of male vocals can achieve. Ron & Tony are also a great combination. Go to iTunes and pick up his Intimate Chill-Out CD. It's a different side of both Ron and Tony who produced the whole CD.**

Ryan Andrews - Suddenly You (Warren Rigg Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Ryan Andrews is a classically trained singer who studied at the NC School of The Arts and after moving to NYC in 1995, got a start on his recording career. After meeting Tony and Warren Rigg, he recorded this song for the "Circuit" soundtrack. Even though it was produced by Warren, I included it cause it cause it was penned by Tony.**

Taylor Dayne - How Many (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Taylor needs no introduction and neither does this song. Also off the "Circuit" soundtrack, this CD single is a DJ's dream. Overloaded with edits, dubs, full mixes and spanning two CD's, pick this up if you can find it. The only mix that is on the same level as Tony's for me is the Guido Osorio mix. Definitely worth checking out as well.**

Tony Moran - Let The Music Fill Your Soul (Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I love Tony's voice and I wish he would release some more original music more often! This one is no exception, rounding out the "Circuit" soundtrack and reminding us once again why Tony is not just an amazing DJ, but a great songwriter, singer, remixer, producer and uh, did I mention he's hot too?? :-)**


Ryan Andrews - Enjoy The Ride (Warren Rigg Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is a much more recent song by Ryan (who is also hot!) that got a remix by Warren Rigg. I figured this one was kinda rare, so I'd throw it in anyway! It's a great track and I really hope to hear more from Ryan!**


Sereno3000 said...

Hi, my dear friend!

I am trying to find Ron Perkov - Love Divine (Tony Moran Radio Edit) mp3 since forever, with no luck, and the link you´ve post here is not working.

I NEED this song, matter of life or death, LOL! Can you help me?

We don´t have Circuit soundtrack over here and import it will be very very very expansive!

Greetigs from Brazil!

Josué said...

There is song in circuit that is played at the white party and I can´t find it, the song is Simphonia- ATO...please I really like it