Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm in a trance and my world is spinning...Spinning baby, out of control...

He's so breathtaking. ::swoon::

So I was feeling a little trancey yesterday when I was working on editing, and this is what I got. Some are alternate mixes of songs you all might know and some are just really great hard house/trance songs. Im usually only in this kinda mood when I'm really over caffinated, so drink up boys and get your trance on! :-D

Angelic - Can't Keep Me Silent (JM's Jam X & Dumonde Radio Edit)
**This song is nuts!! Really pretty ethereal vocals with a KILLER production here by Jam X & Dumonde! I got the chance to hear them once in NY (at Club Shelter) and it was insane! I've never heard such fast and hard beats before lol. This one will rock the sh*t outta your speakers!!**

Aurora - Ordinary World (JM's Condor Radio Edit)
**I first heard this song on "Junior Vasquez: Twilo Vol 1" and I loved the mix instantly! Aurora took on the classic Duran Duran song and made it her own and Condor really did such an incredible job with this mix! This is some drama-trance right here...and the drama starts NOW! :-) **

Avalon - Can't Live A Day (JM's Tiesto Radio Edit)
**Tiesto can be very hit or miss with me. Sometimes his mixes are amazing and sometimes they really just don't do that much for me--Well, THIS one is probably one of my favorites!! Great diva vocal here (turns out this too is a Christian song--and don't they make the best dance songs??) and Tiesto works the hell out of it!! Must have!!!**

Cascada - Everytime We Touch (Dan Winter Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Ok, I know I know! They played the hell outta this song--And you're right! But I was such a fan of the original version (by Maggie Reilly) that I was so happy to hear a dance version. The song really is very pretty and has a catchy melody that you'll be singing forever! Dan Winter didn't vary that far from the original, but there are some nice new elements that freshen this song up a bit!**

Celine Dion - I Drove All Night (JM's Chris The Greek Radio Edit)
**Celine goes trance! So much fun!! A really punchy bass line with some really fun (albeit slightly dated sounding) synths here make this a real high energy anthem!! Celine's voice works over anything, I'm convinced!**

Da Buzz - Alive (JM's Yanou Radio Edit)
**WOW! That's all I can say is WOW!!! This has got to be one of the most BRILLIANT trance mixes I've ever heard!! Da Buzz' lead singer Annika's vocals sounds PERFECT with this mix and this has probably some of the most incredible synth work I've ever heard in my life!! I gag from 1:40 to 2:45 here...Incredible piece of work here!!!**

Iio - At The End (JM's Fairlite Radio Edit)
**Well we all know the stellar Johnny Vicious mix but what happens when Iio goes trance? Well, this is pretty fabulous! The vocals sound right at home here and I love how the beat changes from being steady to a breakbeat sound. Brilliant!**

Jessy - Look At Me Now (JM's Milk Inc Radio Edit)
**This was a really big song in NY for awhile and you can see why. It's a fun song with a great hook and some f*ck you vocals!!**

Karen Ramirez - Looking For Love (JM's Trouser Enthusiasts Radio Mix)
**I got this one from the guys who run MusicBoxMix (which is a FABU blog!!) and this is such a fun mix! I love the intro--SO hot!! It's a really different take on this song compared to the Peter Rauhofer mix which I've posted previously. Louie, this is all for you! I hope you enjoy it!!**

Kristine W - The Boss (Mike Lewis Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Well, there's a first time for everything right?? I never thought I would hear Kristine's vocals over something so hard and fast! It's pretty good tho!! It's like Kristine W meets Cascada!**

Liz Kay - Castles In The Sky (Cascada Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**When this song first came out, everyone was gagging! You couldn't get away from it!! The vocals were originally done by Marsha but now trance and hard house favorites Liz Kay and Cascada take it on once again and give it a very fresh approach! I love the ballad beats through the verses!**

Mandy Moore - Have A Little Faith In Me (JM's Ford Radio Edit)
**UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! I originall had this mix labeled as the Mac Quayle mix, but it turns out it was a mislabel and was actually done by Ford, so I've relabeled it here but I didn't re-upload the song! So make sure when you DL it you're changing the title cause there's nothing worse than not giving the credit where it's due!! Mandy Moore released her fourth CD named "Coverage" where she payed tribute to all of the artists who inspire her which includes this cover of the classic John Hiatt. Not only did I not know that this song got remixed, but I was surprised to hear a trance mix of it! This is SO much fun and Mandy's voice sounds gorgeous with this mix!!!**

Milk Inc - Walk On Water (H2O Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This was another really popular song in NY for awhile and it's really all about the chorus here. "I would walk on water/Just to be with you/Walk on water/Just to be with you/Split the ocean/Cross the sea/Walk on water/If you believe...". It's so pretty!!!**

Sonique - Alive (JM's Pete Martine Radio Edit)
**Sonique made it big with her hit "It Feels So Good" in 1999 and then seemed to dissappear after! Her second release here "Sky" was the last song for her to chart here. This song, released in 2003 only charted in the UK at #70 but is my favorite of all her releases! The lyrics make me wanna go run a marathon! This song is just incredibly uplifiting and it's impossible to be in a bad mood when you listen to it!!**

Tina Ann - All I Need Is A Miracle (JM's Chris The Greek Radio Edit)
**Dance music diva Tina Ann took on this class Mike & The Mechanics 1986 classic (which hit #5 for them) in 2004 for the Nu Dance Traxx Volume 93 CD and while this never charted, it's a great effort from Tina. Chris the Greek once again gives us a high energy song that just makes you feel good!!**

Bonus Edit: This song comes directly out of my childhood and could be one of the reasons my parents had an incling that I might not be like the other boys in school! Just me, a mirror, mom's hairbrush and this song and I was set. There's my confession from this dancefloor :-P

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