Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You make me feel so real... You are my obsession...

::Lick Lick::
Ok, now that we got that outta the way... :-P
Annagrace - You Make Me Feel (Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**When you listen to dance music, you can hear the songs that are indicating that there's a change on the way. That's what I love about music in general but more specifically in dance music. Who's gonna get the new sound and evolve and take us some place new? Well, that's what I couldn't help but think when I heard this song. With the popularity of DJ's like David Guetta and Fedde Le Grand on the rise, it's no surprise to hear people following in their footsteps. This is the case with the brains behind Annagrace. DJ Peter Luts and Ian Van Dahl vocalist Annemie Coenen bring very specific elements to the song. Annemie's dead on vocals with Peter Luts slick production collide to make a pop/trance sound all their own. I won't stop playing this one anytime soon!**
Bimbo Jones - And I Try (JM's Radio Edit)
**ANTHEM ALERT!!! ANTHEM ALERT!!! If you download ONE song this summer, this is it!!! Katherine Ellis (who's popping up everywhere lately) KILLED it with the vocals in this track! And Bimbo Jones? Well, do we really even need to go there?? The beat is sick as is the total production of this song!! This one drives me NUTS!!!**
Chris "The Greek" Panaghi - My Life (Josh Harris Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Josh really goes out of his way to bring the funk to this track and it works!! This one makes you wanna roll the windows down and cruise at high speeds. A positive groove and a positive message make it near impossible NOT to!!**
Kim Sozzi - Like A Star (Frank Lamboy Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I posted the original version of this and I was only feeling this song about 40% and then I found this...and now I'm feeling it about 50% lol...Slightly better but still just 'eh' for me. Frank Lamboy (of Friscia & The Lamboy and Andy & The Lamboy) steps out on his own and turns out a fun production but still...'eh'...C'mon Kim! I know you can do it!!!**
Lucas Prata feat Jeannie Ortega - A Girl Like That (Giuseppe D Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Ok!! I know what you're thinking. Lucas Prata?? REALLY?? And you're right--This is beyond cheese!! And I also admit that this is a VERY guilty pleasure but sometimes when you go to the Jersey Shore to watch the guido's pump their fists, some of the music sticks with you!! And does anything scream guido fist pumper like Lucas Prata?? So yeah, I feel justified! Like it or not, it's fun and I like it! Besides, Giuseppe D always turns out a solid production!**
Nadia Ali - Crash & Burn (JM's DJ Shah Magic Island Radio Edit)
**We all know her as the voice of Iio who brought us "Rapture" but if this doesn't help make her mark as a solo artist than nothing will. DJ Shah's simply gorgeous production and Nadia's smooth delivery adds a sexiness that you don't find in many dance songs anymore. Another favorite summer song for me.**
Offer Nissim feat Maya - Happy People (JM's Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Radio Edit)
**I promised an Offer Nissim post and I will make one, but since this is Peter's mix, it doesn't count. Besides, it's MY blog and I can do what I want! Hahaha! I did have to include this and give Peter props for turning out a very solid mix here!! This always seemed like a 'throw-away' Offer song to me but Peter made it very relevant! Bravo!**
Robert Clivilles feat C&C Music Factory - Work That Body (Alex Gaudino Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Hm. Wasn't this song released last summer by Bob Sinclar under the name "Rock This Party"?? Im sorry, I know this is a good summer song and all but really, without the "Everybody Dance Now" sample that Bob Sinclar used, this to me might as well be the same track. This will get people moving and it's fun, but I can take it or leave it. Alex Gaudino did make the best of it though and his mix is my favorite if I had to pick one.**
Shirley Bassey - La Passione (JM's Offer Nissim Happy People Radio Edit)
**Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. This one blew me away when I first heard it!! I was surprised to learn that this song is only from 1996. I thought this was much older, but it turns out it was from a movie of the same name and originally a duet with Chris Rea. On the soundtrack there's a version with the duet and then another version aptly named "Disco La Passione". Well, if it wasn't a dance song before, it sure as hell is now. Offer WERQS it out in a way that makes me want to scream HELLEAUX and lots of other words with alternate gay spellings!!! Unfortunately there's been no proper released for this mix and I had to work with the version on Offer's latest double disc compilation "Happy People". I love the way this came out and I can only hope that Offer will A) release a full mix for this and B) do a full vocal mix for this as well!!**

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