Friday, July 11, 2008

Requests and Random

It's fitting that with such a hot guy as David Beckham is my first edit will be for a Colton Ford song lol...

Colton Ford - Everything (JM's Solar City Radio Edit)

**I feel like Colton gets a bad rap and because of his porn star status, he will never be anything more than just 'the porn star that sings'. He's put out some really quality music and this was the first song I had ever heard by him. While I do enjoy Guido Osorio's mix of this better, this song, raunchy as it is, has alot more fun adlibs than Guido's does. This one comes off the soundtrack to the movie "Naked Fame" which details Colton's turn from porn god to songstress lol. I love the first 4 seconds here...**

Deborah Cox - Play Your Part (Gabriel & Dresden Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**This was such a great Deborah songs and is one of my all time favorites. I find that I favor the Deborah songs that aren't the monster hits. This one and "I Never Knew" are probably my top two favorites. Gabriel & Dresden really did such a great job with this one and it seems as though they've kinda fell below the radar as well in recent years. Mike Rizzo did a more mainstream mix that KTU in NY played but this mix is definitely where it's at.**

Gloria Gaynor - I Never Knew (Hex Hector Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**Hex & Mac Quayle made an unforgettable anthem out of this simple R&B track and it was a brilliant way to make disco queen Gaynor more relevant again. What happened afterwards? Well, one more minor single ("Just Keep Thinking About You") and then she dissappeared once again. Her voice sounds just as good now as it did in the 70's and the Hex/Mac collaborations never dissappoint. Throw your hands in the air for this one!**

Jana - More Than Life (DJ Skribble & Anthony Acid Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**This is a NYC classic!! Jana's voice SOARS through this one and Skribble & Anthony Acid's production is perfect marriage for it! If you don't know this song, it's a MUST HAVE! I never get tired of hearing this. DJ Escape also turned out a great mix which I'm gonna have to edit for a future post as well.**

Jana - Stairway To Heaven (Spinning Sounds Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**So where exactly did Jana go wrong? She cemented herself in NYC dance music history forever and then just went away...The "More Than Life" single was a double A-Side with an AWESOME update of Meatloaf's "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad" (produced by Guido Osorio) and then she tried for another cover with this, Led Zepplin's "Stairway To Heaven". I can hear the groans already, but I will say this, if it was a Zepplin song and you had never heard it before, this could be pretty amazing! I love Jana's take on it and Guido Osorio (the man behind the moniker Spinning Sounds) put together a great mix that works very well on the dancefloor. You just have to on 4 different types of drugs to really appreciate it I guess! Hah!**

Jocelyn Enriquez - No Way No How (Al B Rich Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**I already posted an edit for the Yiannis' Outstanding mix of this song and I just found this edit. Al B Rich does what they do best: make dance music for the masses. It's got a more pop-dance feel now but it's a great track in any format!**

Samantha Fox - Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) (Solar City Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**If there was one woman during the 80's that I loved more than life it was Samantha Fox. My best friend David even got me an airbrushed shirt with a picture of her on it that says "Samantha Fox Made Me Gay"! Haha! I loved her then and I've followed her (minor) career since then, so I was overjoyed to see some of her music make a comeback. Solar City (with re-recorded vocals from Sam) put together a darker production for this song and it works! Nothing beats the original but this is a close second!**

Soft Cell - The Night (Almighty Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**We all know Soft Cell for their mega-hit cover of "Tainted Love" but what happened afterwards?? "Tainted Love" came off their debut CD ("Non Stop Erotic Cabaret") and then shadowed the group for the rest of their lives which only fueled the drug addiction that followed. By their own admission, most of the music from their follow-up EP ("Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing") was made under the influence of ecstacy. Well the short version is that the group disbanded and lead singer Marc Almond went on to persue a mildly successful solo career. It was when the group re-united for 2002's "Cruelty Without Beauty" that we got some more solid music from them. The lead single "Monoculture" only hit #52 in the UK, but it's this song and second single that I fell in love with (even tho this one only reached #39 on the charts)! It's so melody driven and remixers Almighty & Wayne G both produced some great high energy mixes for it but Almighty wins the battle here for me! Great hook, great lyrics and a great remix all add up here!**

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i'm tellin you...if you like colton you NEED to DL his version of No'll cry, it's so good!